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Dress code: The Awry Day
Students wore T-shirts showing tags and different socks. Moreover, instead of "Good morning" they said "Goodbye", instead "yes" they said "no" - it was a bit confusing,especially during  homework checking :) That was the last day of our language fun. We hope that students have learnt a lot about other countries through quizzes and qr-code scanning. On Friday the winners of vlogs were chosen: Dominik Caryk, Kinga Buczek, Bartłomiej Mirzwa for "Mein Zimmer,meine Pflichten" and Anna Koman for " A typical day of a British Teenager". We would like to thank everyone for joining the fun and for the hard-preparation-work: Kasia Leńczuk, Oliwia Zawiślak, Nicola Szwed, Natalia Pogudz - your Australia was the best. 
"The rest is silence ..." W. Shakespeare
Data publikacji 2022-05-05