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Dress Code: "Teacher's Day" - dressing up as a teacher from our school

Thursday appeared to be an extremely amusing day. The 5th form prepared a cafeteria in the school gym, cupcakes and muffins made by Marylka, Viktoria and Sandra (8b) sold like hot cakes. Pupils were satisfied with the atmosphere, especially when in the school corridors they could meet lots of students in disguise. It wasn't difficult to recognise  Mr. Rojek or Mr. Fanfara  (have a look at the photo gallery). After the cafeteria, the sound of Belgian dance could be heard, since everyone could participate in dancing. It was lovely to see 8 form teenagers (after an  English mock exam) mixed with 4,5,7 pupils  laughing and having fun together. 

"No matter what's going on in your life, school memories always make you happy". Collect them.


Data publikacji 2022-04-29