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Dress Code: Accessory Day
Wednesday was a red carpet day. Many famous people form the past and present visited our school. Everyone could get an autograph and take a photo with William Shakespeare (Mateusz Myszkowski), Queen Elizabeth II (Gabrysia Bondyra), Queen Victoria (Wiktoria Kasprowicz), Boris Johnson (Jakub Herda), Elon Musk (Marcin Bryk), Captain America (Dominik Caryk) or Christian Pulisic (Bartosz Łasocha). During the second part of the day, students watched the presentation "English in physics" because many physical symbols are derived from the English Language: p-pressure, t-time, V-volume, v-velocity, a- area/ acceleration, F-force. Pupils got to know Pascal, Archimedes and Isaac Newton - the scientists whose inventions and discoveries had an enormous influence on our world. Although there were lots of attractions, children eagerly stood in the queue to answer the quiz questions prepared by Marylka Hałasa and Kinga Buczek. In short, learning through play is the most beneficial way to broaden the mind.   
Data publikacji 2022-04-28